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my YouTube Journey

My YouTube Story (<500 SubS)

21 Jun 2024 • Published

This is the story of my YouTube Channel. In this video, you will find out how I got started on YouTube, what type of video contents I'm making and how I stay motivated on this YouTube journey. 


7 Jun 2024 • Published

This is my first 3x3 picture puzzle cube. It has pictures of some of my favourite Marvel superheroes!

Solving a picture puzzle cube is super easy if you already know how to solve a SUPER CUBE! Try out a picture puzzle cube today.

Rubik's Card Trick

26 Apr 2024 • Published

This card trick is performed by applying the concept of a Rubik's cube algorithm on a set of playing cards. A set of scrambled cards can easily be "unscrambled" (arranged back in order) when it follows this algorithm.

Try it out and amaze your friends! 😀

Super Easy 3x3 Method

28 Mar 2024 • Published

You will learn how to solve a 3x3 puzzle cube using only 2 very simple algorithms. This method is great for beginners who just started cubing. You will be amazed how easy it is to solve a 3x3 puzzle cube.

If you have never solve a 3x3 puzzle cube before, this could be the first time you will be able to solve this puzzle cube simply by learning the super easy method in this tutorial video. 😀 👍

Easy 3x3 Method

19 Jan 2024 • Published

In one of my previous tutorial video, I introduce the FR MIX 3x3 puzzle cube solving method. This tutorial video provides more details into each of the 4 steps that are used in the FR MIX method.

ℹ️ The FR MIX method uses the Fridrich method to solve the first 2 layers and the Roux method to solve the last layer of the 3x3 puzzle cube.

Unboxing my gan 14

29 Sep 2023 • Published

Unboxing the GAN 14 puzzle cube was my first unboxing video in my channel. The other unboxing videos which I did were the GAN Halo Timer, Rubik's 50th anniversary puzzle cube and a special 2x2 HARUKAS PUZZLE CUBE that I bought during my holiday travel to Japan, Osaka.   

youcube! Rap song

15 Sep 2023 • Published

I wrote this rap song about solving a 3x3 puzzle cube using a beginner's method and also my YouTube channel. 


This is the first time I have written the lyrics for a rap song. Below are the credits.
Music by FASSounds (Pixabay.com)
Video by bomman151 (Videezy.com)
Font by Haley Fiege
Lyrics by Ernie (Half A Cuber Ernie)

More Twisty Puzzles

1 Sep 2023 • Published

Ever since I have started this YouTube channel with a 3x3 puzzle cube tutorial video, I have added more tutorials on other twisty puzzles such as this one on how to solve a Fisher Cube.

Do check out my other twisty puzzle tutorial videos on the MEGAMINX, PYRAMINX, BARREL CUBE, 2x2 PUZZLE CUBE and 4x4 PUZZLE CUBE

Beautiful Patterns

26 Aug 2023 • Published

Try making these amazing and beautiful patterns with your 3x3 puzzle cube.

You can also make interesting patterns on your 4x4 PUZZLE CUBE. 

FR MIX - A different 3x3 method 

4 Aug 2023 • Published

This 3x3 puzzle cube tutorial video introduces a different method of solving the puzzle. It mixes 2 of the popular 3x3 puzzle cube solving methods, i.e. the Fridrich and the Roux methods.

The Fridrich method is used to solve up to the first 2 layers whereas the Roux method is used to solve the last layer of the puzzle cube.

The aim of this method is not for speed cubing. Rather, it allows the cuber to be able to solve a 3x3 puzzle cube leisurely without the need to memorize many algorithms.     

Fruit twisty puzzles

14 Jul 2023 • Published

In this tutorial video, cubers will learn how to solve the PEAR twisty puzzle. I have created other fruit twisty puzzles which include the APPLE and LEMON twisty puzzles. 

Boo the cat

7 Jun 2023 • Published

Watch my cat BOO plays with the puzzle cube!

ROUX Tutorial Series

12 May 2023 • Published

The ROUX method for solving a 3x3x3 puzzle cube is the first tutorial series that I have made. It comes in a total of 6 parts.

This tutorial series is great for cubers who wish to learn a different 3x3x3 puzzle cube solving method other than CFOP. 

PART #1 | PART #2 | PART #3 | PART #4 | PART #5 | PART #6

Non Twisty Puzzles

21 Apr 2023 • Published

Check out our tutorial videos on non twisty puzzles like this 15 Puzzle.

Another of my interesting non twisty puzzle is the METAL PUZZLES. Do check it out as well.

Stop motion animation

11 Apr 2023 • Published

Watch and enjoy this fun stop motion animation video on how a puzzle cube creates "I ❤️ U" on itself.

Magic + Puzzle Cube

7 Apr 2023 • Published

The Magic Cube video is a magic trick that is performed using a puzzle cube and a paper bag. The scrambled puzzle cube goes into the paper bag and comes out as a completely solved puzzle cube.

First Published Tutorial video

11 Mar 2023 • Published

I have published my first tutorial video on 11 March 2023. The topic was on how to solve a 3x3x3 puzzle cube in 7 steps using fixed moves. The puzzle cube solving method taught in this tutorial does not need cubers to learn any algorithm in order to solve a 3x3x3 puzzle cube. This method is good for beginners who had just started cubing before progressing to more advanced methods.  

"If you are curious, you'll find the puzzles around you. If you are determined, you will solve them."

Ernő Rubik